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MapWest, The Largest Publisher of Visitor Maps and Multilingual Guides in San Francisco

With over  2.7 million maps and 380,000 Multilingual Guides , MapWest offers the best visitor advertising opportunties in the San Francisco travel market.

Celebrating our 26th Year as the #1 Visitor Map & Multilingual Guide Publication Company in San Francisco.

Map West, Inc. was established in 1992 and quickly became one of the largest publishers of Visitor Guides and Traveler Information in San Francisco. With a dedicated sales force and a talented in-house design staff we continue to publish informative and easy-to-use Visitor Guides for San Francisco and the Bay Area.

All of our publications are delivered in MapWest company trucks with computerized distribution tracking.


Jenny Rauh
Jenny RauhAssociate Publisher & Director of Sales
Phone: 415-692-0929
Brian Huber
Brian HuberPublisher
Phone: 415-692-0925

Graphics, Distribution and Accounting Team

Jaan Hitt
Jaan HittArt Director
Phone: 415-692-0927
Chad CookOffice Manager
Phone: 415-692-0926
Shirley Palomino
Shirley PalominoAccounting
Phone: 415-692-0931
Nicole HicksDistribution Manager
Phone: 415-692-0928
Louie Deguzman
Louie DeguzmanMap Distribution
Phone: 415-474-3126
Fred Oakes
Fred OakesMap Distribution
Phone: 415-474-3126